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The Soured Rose

For our sister’s birthday, we marked the occasion by creating a special cocktail in her honor. She loves roses, so we took a cue from the birthday bouquet my parents sent her and, after a bit of experimenting, created a twist on a traditional gin sour called the Soured Rose.

The secret to this cocktail is the subtlety of the rose flavor. We found that too much rose water overpowered the drink. A small amount gives the right hint of floral notes, which are accentuated by the combination of the lemon and lime juice. The egg whites give a rich and velvety texture to the drink, as well as a dramatic appearance that’s perfect for any special occasion.

The Gin Professors Soured Rose


2 oz gin

1 oz simple syrup ½ oz fresh lemon juice ½ oz fresh lime juice ¼ oz Laxmi brand rose water

1 egg white

Mix all the ingredients and dry shake (without ice) until the egg whites are frothy. Add ice and shake well again. Double strain into a coupe and garnish with lemon.

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