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As partners in life and mischief, we discovered our passion for gin years ago. 

Our qualifications are simple – we love good gin. Although we have three doctoral and two masters degrees between the two of us, none of them are in the field of gin making.  Instead we settled on microbiology and theatre in our impressionable years (and later a degree in organizational change management for one of us). Our rigorous academic training helps us distill gin into our own understanding and appreciation of gin and her many moods. 

Gin is unique. It imbeds subtle and strong flavors from botanicals that can take the adventurous palate on incredible journeys. We love a good adventure, especially one that involves gin. Our favorite travel memories include sipping a lemony gin and tonic on a black sand beach in Sorrento, as well as using thousand-year old Icelandic glacial ice to chill our gin for a "millennial" martini. We've paired vintage vermouths with matured gins in Singapore and crafted personalized gin and tonics at Junipalooza in London.

While we call New York City home, we will travel for gin. There are a growing number of US gin makers who pour their romantic heart and soul into their distilled creations, so we don’t have to travel far. We hope to showcase both American and international gins – as jaunts across the oceans to taste a uniquely infused gin are always worth the trip.

Let us share our love for this queen of spirits with you.

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