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The Ace

If you’re looking for something unusual to serve at your next brunch, look no further than The Ace. The cocktail, which has fallen into obscurity, came onto the scene in the 1930s and is included in Boothby’s 1934 World Drinks and How to Make Them. The Ace also makes an appearance in Trader Vic’s Bartender’s Guide from 1972.

Gin Professors The Ace

The cocktail reminds us of Strawberry Quik from our childhood in terms of its color and milky taste. The cream plays an important role in the recipe, as it cuts down the sweetness of the grenadine and brings the gin to the foreground. The choice of gin will also impact the flavor balance, which is why we recommend trying a gin with sweeter and less piney notes.

Ingredients 2 oz London dry gin, such as Bombay Sapphire or Plymouth ½ oz grenadine ½ oz heavy cream ¼ tsp lemon juice 1 egg white

Mix all ingredients and dry shake (without ice) until the egg whites are frothy, about 30 seconds. Add ice and shake gain. Double strain into a coupe and garnish with nutmeg or brandied cherry.

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