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La Dolce Vita: The Classic Negroni

Negroni Week is an ideal time to celebrate one of our favorite cocktails: the Negroni.

While the cocktail’s origin is somewhat uncertain, the most widely accepted origin story places the birth of the Negroni at Florence’s Caffè Casoni circa 1919. It was then that Count Camillo Negroni, who traveled in the US between the late 1880s and 1905, reportedly asked the bartender to fortify his Americano by adding gin rather than the usual soda water. An orange garnish was added to distinguish the new cocktail from the Americano, which typically has a lemon garnish.

While there have been many variations on the Negroni over the years, many of which we enjoy, we routinely come back to the classic recipe for its ease, simplicity and taste of the Italian good life. As the drink should be sipped slowly, we encourage using a large single ice cube to keep the drink chilled without dilution.

The Gin Professors Classic Negroni

The Classic Negroni


1 oz London Dry gin

1 oz sweet vermouth

1 oz Campari

Orange slice for garnish

Mix all ingredients with ice in a mixing glass and stir until chilled. Pour into rocks and add a large block of ice. Garnish with orange slice.

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