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Bitter French

Our sister served this cocktail at Christmas dinner, and we immediately fell in love with it. It was so unique and delicious, that we decided to serve it for a small New Year’s Eve dinner. The drink, as created by Phil Ward, combines two of our favorite cocktails: a Negroni and a French 75. It’s so good, that we now keep a pitcher of the mix in the fridge so we can mix and enjoy when the mood strikes us.


Gin Professors Bitter French


1 oz gin (Plymouth or your favorite gin)

½ oz fresh lemon juice

½ oz simple syrup

¼ oz Campari


Citrus garnish, ideally grapefruit

Mix the gin, lemon juice, syrup, and Campari over ice. Stir and strain into a champagne glass. Top with champagne and garnish with a citrus twist.

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